from Johannes Gehrling
Google wants to generate more sales with its high-reach video platform YouTube, which is why the company has decided to play more advertising in the videos. This was communicated to the YouTube creators. It is now possible to advertise more videos than before even in shorter videos. The fact that the new system is activated automatically is not well received by everyone.

Who often videos on YouTube looks at the system that has now become an Internet meme advertising on YouTube or at least have heard of it. Adverts are generally broadcast on all videos, mostly before the video begins, sometimes afterwards. In the middle of a clip, however, an ad is not necessarily displayed, because so far this has only been possible for videos with a runtime of at least ten minutes show. Google is now lowering this value to instead eight minutes. Means: If a video lasts at least as long, then the video creators are free to place numerous ads across the entire video.

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More advertising on YouTube

The catch is: YouTube takes the change too retrospectively for older videos in front. As a result, many previously midroll-ad-free videos suddenly broadcast advertisements in the middle of the runtime – if they are at least eight minutes long. If the uploader doesn't want to, he has to work through his old videos and remove or deactivate the automatically set midrolls. That has to be done by July 27, 2020 be taken care of, because the new system automatically comes into force on this deadline.

In general, however, with this change, Google not only potentially increases its own earnings with YouTube, content creators on the platform can also generate higher sales through theoretically more playable advertising. However, there is an additional effort especially for those uploaders who continue to Advertising in the middle of the videos want to do without.

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