The fruits of victory: The successful streamer Ludwig receives a modified controller as a prize for his achievements in a Among-US tournament, the form of which he was able to choose himself. At that time, when choosing the design, he decided on a “penis and scrotum” motif that Michael, the host of the tournament, can finally present to him in its final form.

A Gamecube controller served as the basis for the work of art, the downward-facing and semi-free-standing plates of which were originally intended to serve as singular testicles for the digipad and the c-stick. The modifications were made in collaboration with other hobbyists, one of whom is particularly familiar with the Nintendo input device.

This modder, operating under the name Design Out of Shield, pointed out to Michael, after carefully examining the blueprints, that the scrotum actually had to be attached to the underside of the device independently of the body of the controller.

The expert was probably interested in greater usability, but anatomical fidelity could also have played a role in the decision. In addition, the additional weight and the excellent grip of the testicle plastic give the controller a certain sense of prestige when using it, says Michael.

The penis component also presented the hobbyist with a major challenge. Initially, this was planned as a kind of head element that acts as a sheathing for the exiting cable. In the course of the work process, however, this idea gave way to a minimalist approach. For the shaft, the hobbyists simply used a flesh-colored cable, the end piece of which, i.e. the part that is plugged into the console, PC or adapter, was then redesigned as a glans.

Now SickNastee has shared its phallic fascination with the world on Twitter – where it is received with great applause. The future recipient Ludwig also expressed his appreciation: “This is the greatest item I’ve ever owned,” the streamer ennobled the unique item.

According to Michael himself, creating the project cost Michael around US $ 500, which does not include his working hours. The pride in his work and the surely beaming eyes of the prizewinner were certainly worth the investment.

sources: SickNastee (Twitter),

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