It was recently one of the most important reports in the streaming world: The former Twitch star Ludwig Ahgren switched to YouTube Gaming after many years and signed there an exclusive contract. However, his new home did not give him a particularly warm welcome, because after three days there was already a first ban.

What happened?

Ludwig Ahgren, also known simply as Ludwig, received the ban during a stream on December 2nd, the more than 20,000 spectators could post at the same time. He and his community watched some older YouTube videos in order to react (reaction stream). Suddenly, however, the plug was pulled.

What did Ludwig get himself into debt?

At first it was not entirely clear why Ludwig acquired this ban. A little later, however, there were already the first speculations about a DMCA ban (Digital Millennium Copyright Act). This type of blocking is usually given when some content can be seen in a stream on YouTube, for which the user does not, however, have any rights. Among other things, he had himself the video for the song “Baby Shark” watched.

How long does the ban last for Ludwig?

It is not yet known how long the streamer will be blocked. The ban concerns, by the way not his entire YouTube channel. There he can continue to publish new videos. However, it is not possible for him to go online for another stream during this ban. In a tweet including a screenshot of the ban, Ludwig was on the one hand amazed, but took the whole thing with humor.

“You could say that the move is going very well …”

Those: Twitter

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