The sheer effort to build this island in Animal Crossing: New Horizons must have been enormous. With great attention to detail, a YouTuber recreates the Johto region on his island.

What does a Pokémon fan do who also wants Animal Crossing: New Horizons? Right, he just builds his favorite region on his own island. In the case of YouTuber ヒ ノ ッ チ is the Johto region made of Pokémon Gold and Silver. These editions appeared over 20 years ago for the Game Boy and Game Boy Color.

In a video the YouTuber shows us the fruits of his probably long work:

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How long it took for the island, he does not reveal, but by the many self-made patterns for plants and fences alone, which then also have to be placed individually, it should have been a very extensive project.

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Not only is the island bursting with details, too the outfit is a clever replica of the starter Pokémon Feurigel made of Pokémon gold and silver. A long dress and a baseball cap of your own design create the Pokémon look. The code to get the designs is: MA-3968-3119-7746. Even if I don't have the ambition to conjure a Pokémon region on your island myself, you can take the Feurigel outfit with you.

With such creations, it is really a shame that players can only have one island and their work is lost as soon as they want to implement a new idea.