The YouTuber Shane Wighton proves on his channel Stuff Made Here that his engineering level has to be extremely high. His latest invention brings a video game nightmare into real life: The Aimbot.

Video game culture

Unlike in Warzone or Counter-Strike, this aimot deserves respect and recognition. What is a gamers worst nightmare in shooters turns into a formidable feat of engineering in real life. On his YouTube channel Stuff Mode Here realized Shane Wighton the craziest machines. His latest invention is a bow with a built-in aimot.

The real shooter nightmare

Almost everyone who has played a shooter online has come across a player with Aimbot. What sucks in video games is pretty cool in real life, though. The hardware for hitting a target with an arrow is actually quite simple: you need a bow. In order to automatically hit every target with this, however, a lot more is necessary. With the help of eight tracking cameras, enginescorrecting the arch, and one Software, which calculates the target acquisition and corrections, Wighton succeeds in tinkering a real Aimbot.

Instead of looking like a medieval shooter, Wighton looks more like it a super soldier from Crysis the end. After a few unsuccessful attempts from the classic Reflexbogen to the modern Compoundbogen changed, he looks even more like a character from a futuristic video game. The picture rounds off the vest to which the heavy bow is attached, additionally from.

Even at moving targets the bow hits reliably and Wighton also shoots the William Tell apple off the head. The latter was of course made of styrofoam. The precision that the aimot achieves is really impressive. In everyday life, however, Wighton’s development is a bit cumbersome. In a dangerous situation, setting up the eight cameras and coordinating everything should be very impractical when the bear is in front of him.