The Nintendo Switch is a very special device: The Nintendo hardware is both a home and a mobile console. In the form of the Lite version, the Switch is actually a pure handheld. That’s why Nintendo designed the console to be as compact as possible and easy to use on the go. Even the largest switch in the world that a YouTuber has built, that probably doesn’t apply. The Mega-Switch is 6.5 times the size of the normal console – but fully functional, including huge buttons!

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Housing made of wood, buttons made of plastic

As the YouTuber named Michael Pick shows in his video, the huge switch basically consists of a normal switch, only in a huge and functional housing. The screen is one large 4K TV – The touchscreen must therefore be dispensed with on this console. The housing of the huge Nintendo console is largely made of wood, the buttons are made of plastic and come from a 3D printer.

Mega-Switch works normally

An impressive feature that is also shown in the video: The custom console is fully functional, so the huge buttons can actually be used for gaming. For this, the YouTuber relied on small motors during construction, which transfer the button inputs of the large buttons to those of the small Joy-Con buttons. Because: Real, normal switch controllers are built into the giant Joy-Cons of the Mega-Switch!

Almost 30 kilos!

Michael Pick shows how he plays Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and Fortnite on his gigantic Switch, for example. Optionally, any other controller can be connected, for example the Pro Controller from Nintendo, because inside there is a whole normal switch. The mega-switch can due to its size and its Weight of almost 30 kilos can hardly be called a mobile console anymore.

Huge switch donated

The YouTuber not only recorded and published the project as a video, he also sent the impressive giant switch to an American Donated to Children’s Hospital. At the end of the video you can see how staff at the facility transport the gigantic console on a rollable table.

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