As the popular game platform Roblox offline for a few days in October had to go (due to technical problems), many parents in particular suffered. Because they probably had to explain to their desperate offspring every hour why the kids can’t stack burgers, scrap vehicles or act out scary stories. Around 43.2 million players should visit Roblox every day to try out the countless games of other players or to create them themselves.

As content creators participate in the revenues generated by their games (through microtransactions), the platform is literally flooded with new content. Of course there is a lot of rubbish in there, and sometimes even toxic content like rampage simulations. According to CEO David Baszucki, a team of more than 2,000 employees is only there to sift through the content with a view to violations of the user agreements and to take action if necessary.

Roblox versus Ruben Sim

The well-known has been one of the banned users who are said to have repeatedly violated the user agreement for a while Youtuber Benjamin “Ruben Sim” Simon. Obviously, in this particular case, those responsible for Roblox are of the opinion that the ban penalty alone is not enough. Benjamin Simon is now said to have been indicted in the California court by Roblox, the company is demanding a sum of 1.6 million US dollars.

The reasons for the lawsuit can be summarized as “Internet terrorism”. Here are some of the things Ruben Sim allegedly did, according to Roblox executives:

  • The Roblox operators had to temporarily suspend their Roblox Developers Conference in San Francisco last month because Ruben Sim posted that police officers were looking for Islamist terrorists at the event. This hoax alone is said to have cost the company $ 50,000. There are said to have been other fake posts of this type.
  • On April 3, 2018, there was an exchange of fire at the YouTube headquarters in California. Ruben Sim is said to have glorified this act and threatened something similar for the Roblox headquarters in California.
  • He reportedly tried to upload a nude photo of himself in-game.
  • He used discriminatory and homophobic insults against other players.
  • He is said to have created accounts with sexually connoted names and used them.
  • He is said to have tried to upload a sex game to the platform.
  • He is said to have tried to upload pictures of Hitler in games.
  • With his comments, he is intended to harass Roblox employees and other players in a targeted manner.

Ruben Sim was banned by the Roblox managers years ago, but he should always create new accounts (or use accounts created by other players) in order to continue his activities. And since he can fall back on 700,000 subscribers on Youtube and a Patreon campaign, he benefits financially from every video that is themed about Roblox, so another allegation of the prosecution.

All of these allegations are particularly worrying when you consider again that Roblox is aimed primarily at younger players.

Those: Kotaku

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