YouTuber PewDiePie jokes about the corona virus

After a short absence from YouTube, PewDiePie is back with controversial content. In one of his latest videos, the YouTuber comments on memes about the dangerous corona virus.

PewDiePie laughs at jokes about the corona virus

The YouTuber PewDiePie is for controversial content and known his polarizing opinion. He has often been accused of not taking responsibility for videos that are sometimes cross-border. In the past he has already distributed anti-Semitic content or recommended channels from anti-Semites, for which he apologized afterwards. Often, he doesn't pre-deal with content he distributes or justifies unfiltered border crossings with black humor and sarcasm – what he is criticized for, After a month-long break he is back on YiuTube and lives up to his reputation in one of his latest videos – in which he comments in a fun way for him and his audience Corona Virus Memes:

PewDiePie introduces the part that revolves around the corona virus with the words that it is not in a serious way want to make fun of the corona virus, but only report about it because of the current explosiveness and importance of the topic. For the historical correctness he must also Corona Virus Memes evaluate – otherwise it would be dishonest, according to the YouTuber. However, it quickly becomes apparent that he doesn't really know what he's reporting on. Already at the first picture he looks at, he declares that he has no idea what it was made for and what exactly it shows – he still laughs at it.

While the YouTuber rates and comments on the individual memes, he wears one Respirator and apparently wants to underline the humor of his performance. You can find them in the YouTube comments hardly any critical voices on this way of dealing with the corona virus. PewDiePies Community does not seem to be bothered by this handling such a sensitive topic.

Almost at the end of the video, the YouTuber presents an article about Chinese people who Use memes to try to cope with your fear during quarantine and says that he too can make jokes about it. However, since he is in no way in the same situation in which he or his family fear for their lives, and does not go into detail about exactly who tries what kind of joke to deal with the virus in a humorous way, this argumentation remains questionable. He himself decided to implement the topic by laughing at randomly picked up, unspoken memes about the corona virus – including racist ones.

Not only PewDiePie knows how to shock:

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PewDiePie mostly shoots past the goal and lives from its controversial content, does it go too far here too? What is your opinion about this? Should you make fun of such a sensitive and current topic at all? Please let us know your opinion in the comments.