YouTuber shows how chic consoles could look

The unusual appearance of the PlayStation 5 has divided the gaming community. A YouTuber is now showing what the slim version of the “Next Gen” console could look like – and the design is a real eye-catcher.

PlayStation 5

YouTuber Concept Creator presented his personal design of the PlayStation 5 Slim – and it is almost to be hoped that Sony will be inspired by its design. The design is stylish, compact – and of course also available in black.

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PS5 Slim: Design idea would be good look for the PlayStation 5

Concept Creator's design shows a console with a slightly more minimalist look than the current PS5, but the similarities between the two consoles are still clearly visible – especially the one curved lines and the blue glow would connect the PlayStation 5 and the PS5 Slim. In the following video you can see the concept for yourself.

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(Source: YouTube, Concept Creator)

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PlayStation 5 Slim: is Sony developing a compact version?

Of course, it is currently not officially known whether Sony will actually release a slim version of the PlayStation 5 – but the chances are actually relatively good with a view to the previous console generations. The difference with the PS5, however, is that this generation appears in two different versions from the start: with a 4K drive and without a 4K drive.

However, apart from the drive, both available variations of the PS5 have the same features and an identical design. A "PS5 Slim" model could, however a more compact version for gamers who have less space under their TV and who are put off by the PS5 because of its size. Perhaps the performance would have to be reduced a bit to ensure adequate cooling. This could mean that Sony could pursue a similar strategy to Microsoft's Xbox Series S.

If Sony hits stores with a PS5 Slim in a year or two, you definitely can look forward to the design of the console. If you want more information about the PlayStation 5 by then, you will find all the important details about pre-ordering the PS5 in our overview article.

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