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Those responsible at Zenimax Online Studios are currently looking for reinforcements for The Elder Scrolls Online and "several unannounced projects". So far it was only known that the game company has been working on a triple A project with a new graphics engine for some time.

The Elder Scrolls Online is the most successful game in the Bethesda portfolio the past four years. It is therefore not surprising that the teams under the direction of Studio Head Matt Firor will not only develop new content for the successful MMORPG, but also implement new projects.

In May 2019 we already reported that Zenimax on a new triple A project works with a completely new graphics engine. Firor stated at the time that the team was in the pre-production phase at the time. First made Rumors about the project in August 2018 the round. In October 2020 there were then indications that we were dealing with an open world and that we could probably control the character from the first and third person perspective.

Now it is clear: The Zenimax Online Studios have more arrows in their quiver! The people in charge recently announced via Twitter that they are currently looking for … well … reinforcement for The Elder Scrolls Online and work on "several unannounced projects".

Specifically, we are looking for several artists, designers, producers and technicians. Areas such as combat, gameplay camera, level, movement and monetization are affected in design. As soon as there are more details, we will of course keep you up to date.

Source: Massivelyop

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