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A game as large and complex as WoW will never be completely bug-free and smaller and larger bugs will keep cropping up. A glitch has recently surfaced that allows players to get out endlessly and see the entire Shadowlands at once.

Smaller glitches and bugs cannot be avoided in a game like WoW. As long as these do not bring any relevant advantages or disadvantages for individual players, this is not particularly dramatic. Especially since the developers at Blizzard fix most major bugs fairly quickly. Now a glitch has been found again, which also doesn’t really bring a relevant advantage, but is still quite interesting. Because this allows the players to zoom out endlessly on their character with the camera. And in this case, endlessly far actually means almost endless. Only the charged area limits the distance.

This means that you can see not just a section or an area, but the entire “charged” world. For example, you can zoom out of Hellfire Peninsula so far that you can see all of Outland.
However, “seeing” may be a bit misleading here. Because the view range is not increased by the zoom glitch. However, if you are in a suitable position, you can rotate and zoom the camera so that you can take a look at the other areas.

It is also interesting that this gives you an insight into which worlds are connected and how. For example, there is a version of Zul’Gurub in Karazhan. And Outland is on a par with the BC starting areas.
And we get proven again that the areas of the Shadowlands are after all together in a single charged area. Even if the developers denied this several times, which is why it is supposedly technically not possible to get from one area to the next by flight mount.

In the video from Asmongold you can see the glitch live in action. How the whole thing works, we are not hiding at this point, since this is obviously bug-using and Blizzard is currently taking very tough action against such things – including bans. And we don’t want any of you to be given a forced break.

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